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I am drawn to sports photography—the timeless nature of athletics and the intense emotion that athletes bring to competition regardless of their age or skill level.

I have two primary goals with my sports photography. First I take photos with a photojournalistic approach. I document the key moments of the game and capture photos of the players at their most heroic. Besides the peak moments of action, I aim to reflect the spirit, emotions and stories that take place on the field or court.

My second goal, and my current overriding goal, is to take photographs that have a more artistic perspective and capture images that transcend a particular sport or event. Influenced by my love of art and different genres of photography, I bring concepts of portraiture, fine art and architecture into my sports photography. I am also influenced by my photography of professional dancers, where the objective is to capture the beautiful lines and form at the height of aesthetic and physical perfection. Most recently I have been using infrared photography and post processing techniques to add a unique perspective—an ongoing journey to create sports images that have enduring artistic quality.
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