Doug Speidel Photography | Thumbelina Performance - May 2010
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Photo proofs from in Thumbelina Performance by AOC Ballet May 2010.

These are proofs of high resolution images. I will do final processing by adjusting exporsure, straightness, and cropping on photos that are ordered.
group free cropgroup posed free crop_MG_0879- 300 dpi_MG_1137- 300 dpi_MG_1139- 300 dpiIMG_1080- 300 dpiIMG_1440- 300 dpi_MG_0867 4x6Group 5x7group jump 23 format- 300dpi_MG_0714 4x6_MG_0714 8x10_MG_0812 4x6-2_MG_0812 5x7-2_MG_0852- 300 dpi 4x6_MG_1001- 300 dpi 4x6_MG_1012- 300 dpi 4x6IMG_1820 4x6-2IMG_1820 5x7 3_MG_0880 4x6